Front for the Endangered Identities and Languages





Aragonese Oriental Language
Valencian Language
Balearic Language
Spanish Language

             FILLA is opened to all and any linguistic group that suffers any degree of oppression and linguistic ethnocide. This is the only way we can put a stop to the different processes of ethnocide in Europe. This is why it is very important that any collective that falls into the previous categories joins FILLA.

             From FILLA we are working to overcome any situation of ostracism and censure of any denounced cases.

             Consequently, we should act to create a favorable general opinion since Human Rights benefit us all. We believe that these requests should be created under appropriate premises from civic and political forces with a progressive vision.

             FILLA's actions should concentrate in every particular case until every single language enjoys efficient protection from the public administration and the total recognition of the social agents.

             In conclusion, our goal is to get the European public opinion sensitized to the existence of injustice against linguistic identity from minority collectives, their individual rights (Human Rights) and public rights (Constitutional Rights).

             This process of conscience awareness is especially directed to the European politicians, universities and other academic components.

Front for the Endangered Identities and Languages